Hi! We’re an indie games studio but we like to look at ourselves as a startup, working every day to grow up and create great videogames! With this website we would like to show you the way we’re living our dream of become an awesome videogames studio. In addition of tutorials, tips and tricks for games development!



We started this way at 2016 just like 2 friends making videogames and trying to make something cool that could have a space in the apps stores, working several months on Dodgeball Arena (Android / iOS) our first game for mobile devices, and which helped us to learn a lot of things.

Today Dodgeball Arena is the best Dodgeball game for mobiles and we achieved give to our players the entertainment that as developers always try to offer, giving us the impulse needed to dedicate professionally to the videogames development, add more talented people to the team and continue with more strength!



All these events have led us to make this site, not just for another way to be in touch with our players but to share with others developers our experiences.
We have a dream, to be in all consoles and devices for every player in the world with videogames that transcend and give the best fun to who plays it. Apart of that, we want to support to others videogames developers. We hope you like our website!

Kind Regards!