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We believe games are the best merge of art, engineering and creativity. We want to help others to know how to make games and that's why here you can find Tutorials, Tips & Tricks for developers, content about our games and nice posts about the games industry! We are always in contact with our users and followers, so don't hesitate in giving us any feeback.

We're a small startup working everyday to make original and funny videogames for mobile devices. Our first game 'Dodgeball Arena' is available on iOS and Android since a year ago. Our way have been very exiting and taught us a lot about the games development, marketing and entrepreneurship. We're playing the dream an we're glad to share that experience with you!

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We are happy to tell you more about us and our experiences in the videogames industry. Check our BLOG to learn more about it and watch our tutorials, tips and tricks for games development!

Hi! We’re an indie games studio but we like to look at ourselves as a startup, working every day to grow up and create great videogames! With this website we would like to show you the way we’re living our dream of become an awesome videogames studio. In addition of tutorials, tips and tricks for […]

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Dodgeball Arena



Funny Characters

You can choose between different characters, with cool amazing powers and themes!


Great Trampoline Park!

We have the funniest trampoline park, a great and trending way to play dodgeball!


A rought Tournament!

Test yourself with our hard tournament and try to beat all your enemies before they make you cry!


Crazy & New Runner mode!

We have created a runner mode in which the enemies will be throwing balls to you! Try to evade them and Good Luck!


Adapted to our users

We are always listening our great users to improve our games and that's why Dodgeball Arena have great reviews in the store!


100 thounsand downloads!

Yeah! Dodgeball Arena have more than 100.000 downloads! We're happy to watch how many people have fun with our games!

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Kylum Team

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"If you love what you do then you're in the right way."

"Work for your dreams, otherwise you will end working for someone else's dream."




Our cool dodgeballs styles comes from Dodgehub and they have been working with us to impulse this awesome sport. Dodgeball is taking more and more space in the sports world and we are glad to help with it. If you want to have this nice style of dodgeballs or even customized dodgeballs, equipments and more items for the practice of this amazing sport, go to dodgehub.com!



Aurealistic have been working with us to improve our image! They are very proffessional and have the same work culture! That's why we became friends and support each other. If you want to improve your image, need some designs or you want to see their work, visit aurealistic.com.